My Business Card

2015 / print

Do you care about your peronal information? Do you shred sensitive documents? When you get a receipt from a store, some numbers from your credit card are masked. But, when the receipts from multiple stores are combined, one can easily reconstruct the full sequence(at least, in South Korea).

You create a password to protect the other passwords. You not only have to remember them but there are also digital certificates and there is so-called, a One-Time Password generator(you are forced to use them, at least, in South Korea). Now, you either feel safe or stupid. And then, you find out that the bank server was hacked regardless of all the effort you put into. How do we cope with this irony?

How about your business cards? They are filled with your personal information. If paper business cards are going to be around for some more time, it may evlove into something like this:

business card business card

In terms of the card itself, all the copies were hand-made at the one-and-only letterpress printing shop in Korea.

letterpress letterpress letterpress