Dae In Chung is a designer, animator and educator. His main interests lie in exploring and expressing rhythms and movements using a variety of media, including animation, printed forms and interactive applications. He studied Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts. His short animation has been shown around the world including Centre Pompidou website, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, etc. He has also worked on various commercial projects such as Yogi Bear 3D title sequence and Chevy commercial. His work has been recognized by Type Directors Club, Korean Society of Typography, Graphis Award, IdN, CA Magazine Korea, PAGE Magazine, etc. He taught animation and design at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea and Boston University. Currently, he lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and teaches at Maryland Institute College of Art.

정대인은 애니메이터, 디자이너이자 교육자이다. 움직임과 그의 표현방식에 큰 관심을 가지고 작업하고 있다. 미국 캘리포니아의 칼아츠에서 실험애니메이션(학사, 석사)을 전공했다. 단편 애니메이션은 퐁피두센터 웹사이트, 멜버른 국제 애니메이션 영화제, 앤아버 영화제 등 다수의 영화제에서 상영되었다. 요기베어 3D와 토요타 쇼룸 비디오 등의 다수 상업작품에도 참여하였다. 그의 작업은 뉴욕 타입디렉터스클럽, 한국타이포그라피학회, 그라피스 어워드, IdN, CA 매거진 코리아, 페이지 매거진 등에 실렸다. 미국 뉴멕시코 주 산타페예술대학교, 서울 국민대학교, 보스톤 유니버시티 등에서 애니메이션과 디자인을 가르쳤다. 현재는 미국 매릴랜드 예술대학교 Maryland Institute College of Art에서 그래픽 디자인을 가르치며, 개인 작업을 병행하고 있다.

Services I Provide

  • Design tools and systems (generative identity, branding, logo, etc.)
  • Expressive typography work (branding, installation, etc.)
  • Interaction design (website design/development, interactive poster, etc.)
  • Motion graphics (promo video/animation)
  • Workshops (short/mid-term workshops)

Technical Skills

  • 2D Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Motion Design (Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro)
  • Creative Coding (Processing, p5js)
  • Web Design/Development (HTML, CSS, JS, Reactjs, Gatsbyjs)

Selected Exhibitions

  • Demo Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Nov. 2019 (scheduled)
  • Centre Pompidou Web Screening, France, 2019
  • Type Directors Club 62 Exhibition, New York, 2016
  • Society of Korean Typography Group Exhibition, 2015
  • Outdoor Vision Fest, Santa Fe, 2012
  • London International Film Festival, UK, 2009
  • Rome Film Festival, Italy, 2008
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, 2008
  • Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, 2007
  • Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Paris, France, 2007
  • Melbourne Int’l Animation Festival, Australia, 2007 and 2009

Selected Awards and Publications

  • AIGA Frontier Reader, USA, 2019
  • The T Magazine, Korea, 2017
  • LetterSeed 13 Typography Journal, Korea, 2016
  • Type Directors Club 62 Communication Design, USA, 2016
  • Best of the Show Award, Korean Society of Typography, 2015

Selected Clients

  • Pentagram, New York
  • yU+co, Los Angeles
  • Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe

Lectures and Presentations

  • Faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art, USA, 2016-Present
  • Moderator at Convergence Festival (AI and Creativity), Seoul, Korea, 2019
  • Presenter at AIGA Frontier Conference, Bozeman, Montana, 2016
  • Instructor at Design School/Design Camp, Seoul, Korea, 2017 and 2018
  • Faculty at Boston University
  • Faculty at Kookmin University
  • Faculty at Santa Fe Univ. of Art and Design


I am always looking for exciting challenges and opportunities. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.