What does it mean to “know” something? Just because we do not see it does not mean it is not there. It does not mean it is not happening. Many things take time and energy to happen and to be understood.

Look at how long it takes for rocks to become sand and how ephemeral we are in the passage of time. Drops in a waterfall evaporate within a few seconds. But they blend, collide, and hit a rock or two before they disappear. These are the moments that I cherish, that I find meaning from, even if no one will remember them. After all, it is small drops that turn rock into sand. It is grains of sand that change the surface of the Earth.

Knowledge is a generative NFT project that was launched on fxhash, and lives on the Tezos blockchain.

Click each image below to see live version of the minted tokens.

You can add optional URL parameters: [w] and [h]: set width and height in pixels. (ex. w=1200&h=600); [loop]: play as a loop. you can add a number to randomize. (ex. loop=1234); [pr]: pixel ratio. set it to 2 for hi-DPI screens.