LetterSeed 13 Journal

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LetterSeed is the annual Journal of the Society of Korean Typography pusblished by Ahn Graphics. The research conducted with Prof. Jiwon Lee on typography and coding education was published in the LetterSeed 13: Technology and Typography.


The emergence of once innovative network and computers have become part of everyday media over the last 20 years. The graphic design field has also adapted to the change. Designers today can understand and use the characteristics of digital media with their own method. Typography, the field related to the shape of types and their arrangement, is expanding its domain of expression in a new way in a new media environment. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to adopt a different approach to typography, font design methodology, and education methodology. — p.37

Learning programming means the expansion of thought into unfamiliar domains, beyond mastering new tools. Many fields which have been regarded as the exclusive property of designers are being replaced with machines. The development of machines poses a challenge to designers. For designers, this is more than just a question of whether to learen programming, and it should encourage them to think about their roles once again. — p.52